Team Sex Ed!

Collaborations with New York based sex educator Kate McCombs. Together we are Team Sex Ed!



How did Kate & I first meet?



Throughout July and August 2014 I was in New york City with my colleague and dear friend Sex Educator Kate McCombs. We made 10 videos for you answering the 10 most frequently asked questions we get when we teach workshops, and what’s more, we made them from sexy New York City locations! Enjoy!


Our 10th video is brought to you from colourful and busy Times Square. Here we discuss tips to make it easier to have an orgasm for those who have difficulty.




In this video Kate & I are joined by our sex educator colleague and friend Gareth Durrant. We discuss anal sex, why some people are interested in it and how to maximise comfort and pleasure when trying it out. Brought to you on a hot summer’s day in Central Park.




Want to bring a sex toy into your bedroom, but don’t know how to talk to your partner about it? In this video Kate and I give some suggestions to make that conversation, and experience, easier. We filmed this on a lovely sunny day overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge.




Are you feeling self-conscious that your sexual interests might be ‘too boring’? There’s lots of pressure today to be trying everything and enjoy everything. But if kama sutra positions are not for you, you are not alone. Why not embrace your authentic sexual interests, or as we suggest, embrace your inner ‘dag’.




70-80% of people require direct clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. Penis-in-vagina is usually not enough by itself to be enough to orgasm. So here are our 3 top suggestions to maximise your chances of having an orgasm during intercourse. This is a special video – brought to you from L.A.!




Is your sex life in your long term relationship getting a little predictable? Are you looking for suggestions to bring back a little dynamism? Kate & I discuss how to spice things up again. Brought to you from the New York City Library & Bryant Park.




Become a safer sex superhero! Kate McCombs and I discuss eroticising safer sex. Brought to you from the Financial District, at moments it really felt like we were in Gotham City.




On a sunny afternoon we went to the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park to discuss squirting or female ejaculation. We discuss whether it really exists, and what it’s made of.




So, you’ve heard of the G-spot, but does it really exist? We bring you this G-spot discussion from the G Train subway line in Brooklyn.



In this video we discuss: What lube should I use? What’s the best type? Kate and I took the ferry to the Statue of Liberty, or is it the Statue of Luberty…? Join us as we extol the virtues of lube and explain the different types.




Your top 10 most frequently asked sex questions answered! This is an intro video to our Team Sex Ed New York summer series. In this 10 part series we answer the 10 most frequently asked sex questions we get when we teach workshops to grown ups.